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Responsive by design

With responsive design your website automatically adapts to the screen size of your visitor's device. There's no need for custom mobile version.

In-place Editing

We've created a new set of in-place editors to enable a completely new WYSIWYG editing experience. See your content directly on-screen.

Fully customizable

You have full control over the layout and design of your templates. This enables an individually customized website that reflects your corporate identity.

Cloud hosting

Run your website with the certified Fabasoft cloud infrastructure and never have to worry again about updates, downtimes, backups or scalability.

Java backend

Since Faba5 is built on top of Java Servlet / JSP technology you can leverage existing internal company know-how for the creation and management of your websites.

Service integration

Faba5 smoothly integrates with other Fabasoft Cloud services and enables you to use search, document management and monitoring tools.

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